美国时代周刊高频词汇1000:Chapter1 简易词 形容词、副词(2)

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Chapter1 简易词 形容词、副词(2)

determined [d??t??m?nd] adj. 坚定的
Author Joe Kane came across a determined priest, a Spaniard who had spent years teaching a tribe of hunter gatherers, the Huaorani, how to survive outside their rainforest habitat.
(TIME, Mar.25, 1996, p.70)
disabled [d?s?e?b?ld] adj. 残障的 【同】handicapped
Seven years ago, Dole spoke about the need to “provide care and assistance for the hungry and the homeless and the disabled.” Nothing resembling that was heard last week.
(TIME, Apr.24, 1995, p.52)
disastrous [d?zˋæstr?s] adj. 灾情惨重的 【同】terrible
The Kobe quake was only slightly bigger than the Northridge tremor but more disastrous.
(TIME, Jan.30, 1995, p.34)
distinct [d?ˋst??kt] adj. 不易混淆的,独特的
Many scientists consider the Khoisan a distinct race of very ancient organ.
(TIME, Jan.16, 1995, p.54)
dominant [ˋdɑm?n?nt] adj. 主宰的,强势的 【同】pre-eminent
Now as then, the splintering of a Saddam-less Iraq would leave Iran the dominant gulf power, an unpalatable solution. (TIME, Sept.23, 1996, p.35)
█ splinter v. 使分裂; unpalatable adj. 不好吃的,令人不快的
doomed [dumd] adj. ① 注定的,命定的
He started at the top, of course, but the fact that he is staying there has frustrated the popular wisdom that an early front runner is doomed to fall. (TIME, June 5, 195, p.29)
█ wisdom n. 看法; front runner 比赛中最有可能夺标的人
adj. ② 注定要失败或毁灭的,劫数难逃的
At the beginning of May 1945 it was clear to even the most zealous of Hitler’s followers that his “Thousand Year Reich” was doomed. (TIME, May 15, 1995, p.52)
drastic [ˋdræst?k] adj. 剧烈的 【同】radical
The New Deal welfare safety net installed in the 1930s and augmented in the Great Society programs of the 1960s has been hauled off for the kind of drastic restitching that France, Germany, Italy and Sweden have been laboring over for the past year or more. (TIME, Aug.12, 1996, p.25)
█ augment v. 扩大,加强; to haul off 撤下; restitching n. 重新缝补
eccentric [?kˋs?ntr?k] adj. 特立独行的,行为怪异的 【同】odd
The eccentric, fact-based best seller Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil sparks a rush to see where it all took place. (TIME, Apr.3, 1995, p.79)
elevated [ˋ?l??vet?d] adj. 崇高的
It turns out, however, that not every man who reached the pinnacle of American leadership was a gleaming example of self-awareness, empathy, impulse control and other qualities that mark an elevated EQ. (TIME, Oct.9, 1995, p.30)
elite [?ˋlit] adj. 精英的,最优秀的 n. 精英
Ideally, the U.N. should have a small, elite, standing rapid-development force … trained and ready to go at once to a trouble spot that the Security Council has decided to become involved in.
(TIME, Oct.23, 1995, p.30)
enduring [?n?dur??] adj. 持久的
The plain, undecorated object, representing the enduring role art has played throughout China’s history, takes pride of place in the sumptuous Splendors of Imperial China, which opened last week at New York City Metropolitan Museum of Art. (TIME, Apr.1, 1996, p.47)
█ to take pride of place (在一组事物中)被视为最重要的;
sumptuous adj. 豪华的,昂贵的
explicit [?kˋspl?s?t] adj. 明白表示的,直言的
But they won’t be able to filter the Internet. They’re explicit about that.
(TIME, Feb.17, 1997, p.46)
exquisite [?kskw?z?t] adj. 精巧的
The show also includes an exquisite Seurat seascape, some notable Cézannes and considerable painting by Courbet, Gauguin, Van Gogh and others. (TIME, Apr.3, 1995, p.54)
extravagant [?kˋstræv?ɡ?nt] adj. 奢侈的,挥霍的
Could this fate befall James Cameron, Hollywood’s most daring and extravagant auteur?
(TIME, July 18, 1994, p.55)
█ befall v. (恶事)降临; auteur n. 法文,指具有强烈个人风格的大导演
fantastic [fænˋtæst?k] adj. 极大的,难以置信的;(口语)极好的,了不起的
Because of its fantastic capacity to see all possible combinations some distance into the future, the machine (Deep Blue), once it determines that its own position is safe, can take the kind of attacking chances no human would. (TIME, Feb.26, 1996, p.42)
ferocious [f?ˋro??s] adj. 凶猛的
This puts Clinton in something of a no-win situation: he is unlikely to gain much credit if the bailout succeeds, but will catch ferocious flak if it fails. (TIME, Mar.6, 1995, p.34)
█ flak n. 高射炮火;抨击,指责
flamboyant [flæmˋb???nt] adj. 显眼的,引人注目的;奢华的
He is probably the least flamboyant of the Republican contenders. (TIME, Mar.13, 1995, p.86)
fledgling [?fl?d?l??] adj. 初出茅庐的,羽毛刚羽的
Early in this century, a fledgling effort at behavioral genetics divided people into such classes as mesomorphs — physically robust, psychologically assertive — and ectomorphs—skinny, nervous, sky. (TIME, Mar.10, 1997, p.41)
█ assertive adj. 武断的,过分自信的
fluid [ˋflu?d] adj. 流动的,变化不定的 【同】changeable
Information … is now too fluid to control. It flows in over airways, via satellites, through microwave relays to cellular phones, faxes, televisions, radios, beepers, modems.
(TIME, Aug.19, 1996, p.52)
formidable [ˋf?rm?d?bl] adj. (敌人)但对付的。(工作)艰难的
“Perot as kingmaker, ” he says tactfully, “is a more formidable proposition than Perot as candate.”
(TIME, Mar.13, 1995, p.91)
█ kingmaker n. 有权使人当选者
proposition n. (口语)要对付或注意的事物
fragile [ˋfræd??l] adj. (情势)脆弱的,禁不起外力冲击的 【同】unstable
A revenue-generating franchise is the most fragile thing in the world … No matter how good your product, you are only 18 months away from failure. (TIME, June 5, 1995, p.32)
futile [ˋfjutl] adj. 徒劳无功的,白费力气的 【同】pointless
Indeed, for all the world’s governments, … attempts to control the global flow of electro-information are not only futile but counter productive as well.
(TIME, Spring 1995 Special Issue: Welcome to Cyberspace, p.80)
genuine [ˋd??nj??n] adj. 1.真的,非伪造的;2.真诚的,非伪装的
【同】1.real 2.sincere 【反】fake
It is a challenge to portray a forsaken woman in a way that evokes genuine sympathy; but Stevens manages. (TIME, Feb.6, 1995, p.75)
hefty [ˋh?ft?] adj. 重大的,猛烈的
Chow Yun Fat is angling for Hollywood stardom; this time next year he could be in any of three hefty action films. (TIME, June 29, 1996, p40)
█ angle v. 钓鱼;
to angle for…指(用暗示、手段、诡计等)谋取,博取;
stardom n. 明星的地位或身份