美国时代周刊高频词汇1000:Chapter1 简易词 形容词、副词(4)

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Chapter1 简易词 形容词、副词(4)

prominent [ˋprɑm?n?nt] adj. 著名的,杰出的 【同】well-known
Abe Lincoln was a prominent railroad lawyer in 1860, but he campaigned for the White House as the simple Midwestern rail-splitter. (TIME, June 10, 1996, p.58)
promising [ˋprɑm?s?n] adj. 前景看好的 【反】unpromising
On the horizon are the remedies that may prove more promising. (TIME, Apr.3, 1995, p.62)
█ on the horizon 即将来临的
radical [ˋræd?kl] adj. 1. 彻底的; 2. 根本的,基本的;3. 基金的
【同】fundamental 【反】conservative reactionary
More than at any other time in the past 25 years, men are living in a state of radical disconnection from the women-and-children part of the human race. (TIME, May 6, 1996, p.53)
rebel [ˋr?bl] adj. 背叛的 n. 叛军 v. 反叛
Yeltsin ruled out direct peace talks with rebel leader Jokhar Dudayev. (TIME, Jan.30, 1995, p.15)
█ to rule out 拒绝考虑,排除
reckless [ˋr?kl?s] adj. 鲁莽的,不顾后果的
Sports equipment designed to make football safer encouraged more reckless moves and ended up making the sport more dangerous than unpadded, unhelmeted rugby. (TIME, May 27, 1996, p.67)
█ to end up 结果变成
reminiscent (of) [?r?m?ˋn?snt] adj. 使人想起……的
Last week 21 orphans and 13 Red Cross workers trying to guard them were murdered: in a scene reminiscent of Nazi Germany. the children were picked out of a group of 500 simply because they looked like Tutsi. (TIME, May 16, 1994, p.56)
renowned [r?ˋ?naund] adj. 著名的
With his boyish face and slender build, he (David Ho) could more easily pass for a teenager than for a 44-year-old father of three ---- or, for that matter, for a world-renowned scientist.
(TIME, Dec.30, 1996/ Jan.6, 1997, p.24)
rugged [ˋr?ɡ?d] adj. 崎岖不平的,多岩石的;(人)体格粗壮的,个性坚毅的
The man had previously completed (Army Ranger) training in rugged forest, desert and mountain terrains. (TIME, Feb.27, 1995, p.11)
savage [ˋsæv?d?] adj. 野蛮的,残暴的 【同】vicious
And the old soldiers, rows of military medals pinned to their civilian clothes, are reminiscing about the war, the friends they lost and the savage, tragic history of the country they saved.
(TIME, May 8, 1995, p.78)
█ reminisce v. 回想,追忆
sensible [ˋs?ns?bl] adj. 合理的明智的
“Sensible” is not the criterion for a placard. (TIME, Mar.13, 1995, p.31)
█ criterion n. (批评,判断,检验事务的)标准
sensitive [ˋs?ns?t?v] adj. 敏感的,细腻的
The following year, Woo’s A Better Tomorrow … introduced Chow Yun-fat as the sullen, brutal antihero and Cheung as his sensitive counterpart. (TIME, Jan.29, 1996, p.40)
shrewd [?rud] adj. 敏锐的,有洞察力的
Mailer’s research and his shrewd eye lead him to believe …that Oswald did kill Kennedy and that …he acted alone. (TIME, May 1, 1995, p.94)
significant [] adj. 重大的,影响深远的 【同】important 【反】insignificant
The President’s ambition to stand taller in the world faces one significant U.S. made handicap: brutal cutbacks in funding American foreign policy. (TIME, Nov.18, 1996, p.30)
sluggish [ˋsl?ɡ??] adj. 迟缓的,不景气的
The Paris-based OECD predicted a sluggish rate of growth in 1994 for the G-7 leading industrialized countries. (TIME, Jan.3, 1994, p.17)
sophisticated [s?ˋf?st??ket?d] adj.
1. (技术、产品)尖端的,先进的;2. (人)老于世故的;3. (人)精通的、老练的
【同】1. advanced 2. refined 【反】unsophisticated
Once the calling of wild-eye Cassandras and 19th century writers and social scientists on the radical fringe, long-range forecasting has become a sophisticated and quite profitable industry.
(TIME, July 15, 1996, p.38)
█ calling n. 职业;
fringe n. (处于)边缘,远离核心的位置,较不受重视的地位
staggering [ˋstæɡ?r??] adj. 令人惊愕的 【同】astounding
The Pope’s literary output is staggering. His letters, sermons and speeches fill nearly 150 volumes.
(TIME, Dec.26, 1996, p.60)
strapped (for cash) [ˋstræpt] adj. 身无分文的,阮囊羞涩的
Because of reduced oil prices and Gulf War debt, Saudi Arabia is so strapped for cash that it barely met the deadline for its latest $375 million payment on its U.S. weapons contracts.
(TIME, Mar.14, 1994, p.21)
subject (to) [ˋs?bd??kt] adj. 受……支配的,受……影响的
Offers of assistance from 60 countries, the U.N. and the World Health Organization poured in. Some were subject to endless bureaucratic wrangling. (TIME, Feb.6, 1995, p.15)
█ wrangling n. 争论、争执
substantial [s?bˋstæn??l] adj. 大量的,重大的【同】significant 【反】insubstantial
In 1994, when he was 23, he plowed his substantial savings into creating WARP, to develop and publish video games. (TIME, Apr. 14, 1997, p.35)
█ to plow into: 投(资本)入
subtle [ˋs?tl] adj. 隐晦的,不明显的,难以捉摸的 【反】blatant obvious
Even when it seems beyond the reach of any one government, electronic information can be controlled, in ways both subtle and obvious. (TIME, Aug.19, 1996, p.52)
sweeping [swip??] adj. 全面的,大规模的,影响深远的 【同】far-reaching
A House subcommittee…will vote next week on the Smoke-Free Environment Act, perhaps the most sweeping antismoking legislation Congress has ever seriously considered.
(TIME, Apr.18, 1994, p.58)
tangible [ˋtænd??bl] adj. 可触到的,有形的
In fact, compared with more tangible assaults on the President’s character—namely Paula Jones’ pending sexual-harassment lawsuit and the federal investigation into Whitewater—words in a book can barely hurt him. (TIME, Feb.13, 1995, p.27)
thriving [ˋθra?v??] adj. 兴盛的
Most countries offer few opportunities for female soccer players, but Norway has a thriving women’s professional league, and the U.S. a burgeoning co-ed youth soccer movement.
(TIME, June 3, 1996, p.17)
█ co-ed adj. 男女皆收的,为coeducational之略
tremendous [tr?ˋm?nd?s] adj. 巨大的 【同】enormous
Some 65 million years ago, a comet or asteroid at least five miles wide struck the earth and blasted out a tremendous crater. (TIME, Jan.9, 1995, p.59)
tricky [ˋtr?k?] adj. 棘手的 【同】awkward
Getting in and out of the fast lanes is always tricky even today. It will be even trickier when you have to change lanes and hand off control to the computer at the same time.
(TIME, Nov.4, 1996, p.53)
unanimous [juˋnæn?m?s] adj. 意见一致的
The 1993 Supreme Court decision was not unanimous. (TIME, Feb.6, 1995, p.66)
unprecedented [?nˋpr?s??d?nt?d] adj. 史无前例的
In an unprecedented move, Zedillo chose a member of the opposition party as Attorney General.
(TIME, May 29, 1995, p.40)
urgent [ˋ?d??nt] adj. 紧急的 【同】pressing
All this suggests that sumo, the institution, is in urgent need of its of its own purification.
(TIME, Sept.30, 1996, p.28)
venerable [ˋv?n?r?bl] adj. 受人尊敬的
You could almost say this venerable institution with its great credibility and history has been infiltrated slowly by the type of people it was not intended to deal with.
(TIME, Dec.12, 1994, p.64)
█ infiltrate v. 使渗入,渗透
vigorous [ˋv?ɡ?r?s] adj. 精力旺盛的,充满活力的 【同】dynamic
It’s a signal as well that the U.S. economy may be starting to slacken after one of its most vigorous years in a decade. (TIME, Feb.6, 1995, p.49)
█ slacken v. 减缓,减弱
volatile [ˋvɑl?n?t?r?] adj. 善变的 【同】unstable
When properly combined, three volatile elements generate American celebrity: the media, the public and the spinmeisters who manipulate them. (TIME, June 26, 1995, p.30)
█ spinmeister n. spin和meister的复合字。spin指(对某著作、政策、形式或事件)给予新的解读或扭曲(以营造对作者或政治人物有利的局面,如良好的公众形象);meister是德文,同英文的master(高手、能手)。两个字合起来就是指善于利用媒体以塑造良好公众形象的人,类似spin doctor(指党对媒体的发言人,替政治人物等处理媒体问题的顾问)。
voluntary [ˋvɑl?n?t?r?] adj. 志愿的,自愿的 【反】obligatory
It has been 16 months since Australia’s Northern Territory became the first place in the world to legalize voluntary euthanasia. (TIME, Oct.7, 1996, p.39)
vulnerable [ˋv?ln?r?bl] adj. 易受伤的,脆弱的
The long time lag between the weapons’ arrival and the Bosnians’ training would leave them extremely vulnerable to snap Serb offensives… (TIME, Oct.10, 1994, p.44)
█ lag n. (时间之间的)空挡