美国时代周刊高频词汇1000:Chapter2 简易词 动词(1)

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Chapter2 简易词 动词(1)
abandon [?ˋbænd?n] v. 抛弃 【同】give up【反】stay with
Zhu (Ming-jiang) was forced as a teenager to abandon his education and, like tens of thousands of other intellectual young Chinese during the 1960s and 70s, was sent to the countryside to be “re-educated” by peasant.
abolish [?ˋbɑl??] v. 废除
Man holds in his mortal hands the power to abolish all forms of human poverty and all forms of human life.
abuse [?ˋbjuz] v.&n. 滥用;虐待
The term is much abused lately: in its strictest sense, virtual reality means creating an artificial environment so convincing it can’t be distinguished from the real thing.
acknowledge [?kˋnɑl?d?] v. 承认 【同】admit
Johnson acknowledged that he has in the past taken AZT, the antiviral drug typically administered when a person’s helper T-cell count drops to 500.
acquire [?ˋkwa?r] v. 获取,取得
Even very young children learn by imitation; by watching how others act when they see someone in distress, these children acquire a repertoire of sensitive responses.
█ distress n. 痛苦,悲痛; a repertoire of 许多的,多方面的
adapt [?ˋdæpt] v. 适应 【同】adjust
John Woo believes the communists are too smart to kill a cash like the Hong Kong movie business, and that local moviemakers will adapt.
address [ˋædr?s] v. 处理 【反】ignore
Scientists first raised alarms about climate change in the late 1980s, but the international community has taken few concrete steps to address the problem.
affect [?ˋf?kt] v. 影响
They insist that the issue (work-family dilemma) be seen as affecting both men and women.
amount [?ˋma?nt] v. 等于
The morning in Seattle, addressing hundreds of analysts and media, Gates hit a rare rhetorical high, offering up what amounted to his new digital gospel.
█ hit v. 达到(某一水平);rhetorical adj. 措辞的;high adj. 高水准
appeal [?ˋpil] v. 呼吁
In a letter released after his death, Dent appealed to those who attacked his decision:” If you disagree with voluntary euthanasia, then don’t use it, but don’t deny me the right to use it if and when I want to.”
appreciate [?ˋpri???et] v. 喜欢
Patients appreciate the service, and the physicians seem to enjoy providing it.
arouse [?ˋra?z] v. 引起
Any stranger who wanted to buy a large amount of ANFO (ammonium nitrate and fuel oil) would immediately arouse suspicion.
assemble [?ˋs?mbl] v. 组合 【同】gather
Prosecutors sought to assemble a detailed chronology of the murder night with a parade of witnesses…
█ chronology n. (事件)发生过程的记载
assert [?ˋs?t] v. 主张、断言,宣称 【同】declare
Finally, since quantum physics asserts that matter and energy are interchangeable, we are not individual beings at all but merely local expressions of an infinite, universal field of energy.
assign [?ˋsa?n] v. 指派
The new top officer of the Navy…promised to speed up plans to assign women to all surface vessels and perhaps even allow them aboard submarines, the Navy’s last all-male bastion.
█ bastion n. 强力护卫某习俗或观念的体制或组织,堡垒
associate [?ˋso???t] v. 将……联想在一起
Comets have long been associated with war, upheaval and disaster.
assure [?ˋ??r] v. 保证 【同】guarantee
But even such battle-hardened successes do not assure victory for AmEx in its quest to reclaim the top standing it lost in 1989 in the $562 billion credit-card industry.
ban [bæn] v.&n. 禁止 【同】v. prohibit bar
Beijing bans overseas exhibits of pre-Ming dynasty paintings and calligraphy because of the extreme vulnerability of the ancient brocade, silk and paper.
█ vulnerability n. 脆弱,易受伤害
betray [b?ˋtre] v. 背叛
They take a soap-opera plot – betrothed teenager falls for stranger, perfect mother is betrayed by her neighbors, ex-prostitute tries to live an honorable life …
█ plot n. (小说等的)情节,构想; betrothed adj. 已订婚的
boast [bost] v. 夸耀
Boasts Mayor Bill Campbell:” During the Olympics Atlanta will be the safest city in this country, certainly, and on the globe, probably.”
champion [ˋt?æmp??n] v. 提倡 【同】advocate
Psychiatrist Brian Weiss is perhaps the most exotic. He champions reincarnation therapy.
characterize [ˋkær?kt??ra?z] v. 有……特征 【同】describe
“I can’t characterize my music as religious, although religious music is very close and dear to me,” says Kancheli, a devout Orthodox Christian.
claim [klem] v. 声称 【同】maintain
In fact, authorities claim that one-third of Taiwan’s more than 1200 known “black societies” were dissolved during the amnesty.
collapse [k?ˋlæps] v. 崩溃,倒塌
As baby boomers save for retirement, colleges for the kids or a rainy day (say, when the U.S. Social Security system collapses), their investment rates will soar.
█ a rainy day 将来可能有的苦日子
collide [k?ˋla?d] v. 碰撞 【同】crash into
Traveling at speeds of 130,000 m.p.h., mountain size fragments of the comet Shoemarker-Lavy 9 tore huge holes in Jupiter’s atmosphere throughout the week, giving astronomers a glimpse of the titanic forces released when celestial objects collide.
█ titanic n. 巨大的
command [k?ˋmænd] v. 博得(尊敬)
Along with enthusiasm, sumo commands a large measure of reverence.
compel [k?mˋp?l] v. 逼迫
They tried to push me, a Russian general, to shoot my own people in the capital of my own state. No such force exists that would compel me to do this.
compromise [k?mˋp?l] v. 承认
If they think I am prepared to compromise, they’re in fantasy land.
concede [k?nˋsid] v. 承认 【同】admit acknowledge
After three decades of spraying fire-ant territory with the killer compounds, however, the U.S. government was forced to concede defeat.
█ compound n. 化合物