美国时代周刊高频词汇1000:Chapter3 简易词 名词(2)

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Chapter3 简易词 名词(2)

debut [d?ˋbju] n.(法文)首演,初次上场表演
That day Jordan made his debut against the Indiana Pacers, and though he shot only 7 of 28, he moved well considering he had been playing baseball for a year.
demonstration [?d?m?nˋstre??n] n. 抗议,示威
Just two weeks ago, 85000 people, nearly 8% of Okinawa’s population, joined the largest single demonstration in the island’s history to call for the Americans’ removal.
disability [?d?s?ˋb?l?t?] n. 伤残,无行为能力的 【同】handicap
Most aid, including nearly all low-income programs, food stamps, Medicaid and disability assistance, will be denied during an immigrant’s first five years in the U.S.
dispute [d?ˋspjut] n. 争议
It has been a matter of dispute but now scholars of the subject agree that Bessette and Kennedy first met in 1992, when he chatted her up one day in Central Park as she was running.
emergency [?ˋm?d??ns?] n. 紧急事件 【同】crisis
President Kim Young Sam was worried. The Korean economy, he gravely told a July 2 emergency ministerial meeting, “is in trouble.”
encounter [?nˋka?nt?] n. 邂逅,遭遇
In fact, the most unnerving encounter I’ve ever had took place in the CompuServe adultchat area.
█unnerve v. 使沮丧,使胆怯
epidemic [??p?ˋd?m?k] n.(传染病等的)流行,盛行
The AIDS epidemic has been in full swing for more than a decade now.
█in full swing 表示事物正如火如荼进行
equivalent [?ˋkw?v?l?nt] n. 同等的东西
For the past 15 years, doctors have tried to treat the underlying disorder with the pharmaceutical equivalent of a sledgehammer, using anticancer drugs and steroids to beat down the body’s hyperactive defense forces.
establishment [?ˋstæbl??m?nt] n. 权势集团,领导阶层,主流
He was the favorite of the girls whose screams dominated the early Beatles concerts, but he was not a guy’s guy. No way could he satisfy the emerging establishment of rock critics, a male coterie.
█coterie n. 排外的小圈子、集团,同circle
euphoria [juˋf?r??] n. 幸福感 【同】elation
So after a period of euphoria, the bond market tumbled.
█tumble v.(价格)暴跌
expedition [??ksp?ˋd???n] n. 远征队,探险
So Mark Norell, a leader of the joint U.S. Mongolian expedition, gave him a consolation prize: digging out an unpromising specimen Norell had already found.
█unpromising adj.(前景)不看好的,无望的
fantasy [ˋfænt?s?] n. 幻想 【同】dream
What we could take away from the grievous events is a grasp not of the Unabomber’s psychology but of our own which is full fantasies.
█grievous adj.(事故)悲惨的,严重的
feud [fjud] n. 宿仇 【同】vendetta
Still, in both communities there is a growing sense that the blood feud--- and its cycle of violence--- must be broken if anyone is to prosper.
flair [fl?r] n. 天赋的才能 【同】talent gift
Phil Donahue invented the participatory approach to TV talk, but Winfrey brought a woman-to-woman empathy and a flair for self-revelation that he couldn’t match.
foe [fo] n. 敌人,反对者 【同】enemy
Both speeches struck the same rhetorical chord: that Dole is no ditherer but decisive, muscular leader who will stand up to foreign foes.
█rhetorical adj. 措辞的;ditherer n. 慌乱、不知所措的人
genre [ˋ?ɑnr?] n.(尤指艺术作品的)形式
Lanier embodies a whole new genre of music that uses computers to create and disseminate its own distinctive sounds.
glance [ɡlæns] n&v. 瞥见
At first glance, Jeanne Vertefeuille might have seemed an unlikely choice to hunt down the most damaging mole in the history of the Central Intelligence Agency.
█mole n. 长期潜伏的(双重)间谍
glimpse [ɡl?mps] n&v. 瞥一眼,瞄一眼
Mosaic (Web-browsing program) was the first glimpse of a multimedia future that giants such as Microsoft had been predicting but not delivering.
█deliver v. 实现,履行(诺言等)
grandeur [ˋɡrænd??] n. 伟大,富丽堂皇
We want to bring jazz to the people inn all its grandeur and glory. And we don’t believe the music is above people.
grasp [ɡræsp] n. 掌握,了解 【同】understanding
Even after working for more than 20 years in the Russian area, I cannot hope to approach Yuri’s knowledge and intuitive grasp of what is going on in his homeland.
greed [ɡrid] n. 贪婪 【同】avarice
Hollywood must examine itself. Its greed is sickening. It must judge the social impact, not just the popularity impact, of what it does.
impulse [ˋ?mp?ls] n. 冲动
Online shopping centers are springing up everywhere, inviting customers to use their credit cards to buy on impulse, without even leaving their chairs.
█to spring up突然出现,突然产生
incentive [?nˋs?nt?v] n. 诱因,动机
The incentive to vote for a responsible budget that’s healthful in the long run but painful in the short run depends on whether you face election next year or in three years.
inclination [??nkl?ˋne??n] n. 倾向
But girls rarely seem to have either the chance or the inclination to get plugged in.
█to plug in 插上插头,喻开启电脑
infrastructure [??nfr??str?kt??r] n. 水、电等基础设施
The bill for this infrastructure binge has topped $60 billion, and some economists wonder whether Malaysia can afford it.
█binge n.(饮食,花费等方面的)放纵,没有节制
initiative [?ˋn????t?v] n. 主动权,进取心
The North (Vietnam) kept the initiative, choosing when to attack and when to lie low and rebuilding its strength.
insight [ˋ?n?sa?t] n. 洞察,了解
If this discovery is confirmed. it will surely be one of the most stunning insights into our universe that science has ever uncovered.
integrity [?nˋt?ɡr?t?] n. 廉洁,正直
Both prosecutors eventually paid for their integrity and grit. In May 1992 Falcone and his wife… were ambushed and morally wounded by the Mafia’s “men of honor” on a road near Palermo.
█grit n.(口语)勇气,斗志;ambush v. 伏击