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编辑点评: 《绯闻女孩》(英语:Gossip Girl)是由Cecily von Ziegesar所写的系列小说改编的美国青春偶像剧,于2007年CW电视台正式开播第一季,全剧共六季,于2012年12月18日正式播毕。 该剧所讲述的是曼哈顿的上流社会阶层,展示富家子弟的生活。而其中的Gossip Girl是曼哈顿上东区最神秘的人物,她是了解上流贵族巨细无遗的生活的唯一来源,且拥有一众随时随地为她提供八卦的公子哥千金女。 还记得那句XOXO,Gossip girl 吗~

Season 2, Episode 10: Bonfire of the Vanity



剧情简介:Blair想方设法让她的母亲远离Cyrus Rose。Jenny和Agnes住到了一起。Serena和Aaron相恋了,但是Aaron的一些事情可能会影响他们俩的关系。Dan和Chuck开战了,因为Dan对他的父亲Bart Bass很有兴趣。



Blair: Cyrus has been one of my mom's attorneys since the divorce. He asked her out when they first met, but she didn't wanna mix business with pleasure. Finally, hisamorousovertureswore her down, and she agreed to dinner. She's beensmittenever since.

amorous: 多情的,含情脉脉的,词根是拉丁语的amor,表示爱。

overture: 建议,行为

wear her down: wear down本身的含义表示“使某人筋疲力尽”,这里表示“难以抵挡对方的穷追猛打”。注意还有个词组叫做wear off, 表示消失,减弱。后面有一段Jenny在酒吧找到Agnes, Agnes说If my hangover ever wears off. (如果我的头疼好一点的话)

smitten: smite的过去分词(smite - smote - smitten). 对一个人的迷恋。后面Aaron的老爸见到Serena,他对S说You know, I think he(Aaron) is quite smitten with you.正是因为他的这句话,S大受鼓舞,就跑去Aaron的工作室找他了。


Serena: Oh, uh, Aaron's amazing. He's been sending me these maps to the most beautiful places. The other day I ended up in a private room in thecloistersoverlooking the gardens.

Blair: Spare them the details, Serena. Hazel will kill herself fromenvy.

cloister: 修道院

Spare them the details: 细节就不用说了,注意spare的用法,表示省略,省下。这里提到的Hazel很好玩,前面B说要见她妈妈的男朋友,Hazel一脸怨妇状的说"Even moms have boyfriends, and I don't." 后面在B的生日会上,她又问起S和Aaron的事情,S说 "He's not exactly my boyfriend." Hazel马上就跟了一句You mean he's free? 这个时候Blair就说"Hazel Hazel, I can hear your desperation from the other room."


Manager: Who do you imagine your client will be?

Jenny: Girls like us. Sophisticated girls with a bit ofedgewho can afford high-end product, and I know these girls and their style because I'm their peer, so that's what makes me unique as a designer.

Manager: Hmm. What's the name of the label?

edge: 这个以前讲过的,就是前卫的,新潮的

high-end: 高端

label: 品牌。名牌货就叫做label, 或者designer bag/cloths. 电影Sex and the City里的主题曲就叫做Labels or Love, Fergie唱的,很有意思的一首歌曲,有兴趣的可以看这里,我在里面还加了一个音频文件,专门介绍各种品牌的正确英文读法。


Jenny: We haven't fully decided yet, clearly, but, uh, it really doesn't matter, 'cause we're just here to take the work to the next level.

take the work to the next level: 更上一层楼,更进一步,可以用来形容工作、关系等等方面。


Agnes: I mean, if Mr. Smith here wants to represent us, then he should know who he's dealing with.

Jenny: Except Mr. Smith might get the wrong idea about our professionalism.

Agnes: Well, then cut thecrapand start acting professional

deal with: You have no idea what you’re dealing with. 你根本不知道事情到底是什么样子的,你根本不清楚状况。deal with是很常用的一个词组,大家可以学习一下。

get the wrong idea about: 误解,误会,口语里好像很少用misunderstanding.

cut the crap: 少废话,也可以说cut the bullshit或者cut it out.


Jenny: Agnes, look at who's acting out yell again in another business meeting.

Agnes: You wanna see acting out?

Jenny: And yet another one,bites the dust, Agnes. What is the matter with you? This guy was our last chance.

Agnes: Okay, he totally overreacted. I mean, we're artists. We need to work with somebody who's not gonna befreaked out

act out: a psychological term meaning to perform an action to express (often subconscious) emotional conflicts. 人都有愤怒伤心的时候,正面的做法是去朋友倾诉,看心理医生等,但是负面的做法就叫做acting out(用一些实际行动来发泄,比如吸毒、暴力、性等)。

bite the dust: 大败

freak out: 发疯、胆怯、生气,都可以用这个词组。freak本身含义是怪胎,有特殊癖好的人,比如有洁癖的人就是clean freak, 有控制欲的就是control freak.


Blair: I told you to put the roses on the table next to Cyrus' seat. Cary Grant always looked his best with white roses. Dorota, are youinsane?

Dorota: I don't know.

Blair: You used the everyday china. Cyrus will think we're just common upper middle class.

look his best with: 白玫瑰总是能把他衬的很好看,注意英文表达语序跟中文是反的。Gary Grant是电影演员。

insane: 发疯除了freak out, 还可以说crazy, nuts, out of mind. 这个insane是发疯的“最高境界”,本意是神志不清。注意Dorota的回答,“怎么了”这句话,她没有回答what, 或者what happened, 而是说I don’t know. 我觉得这也是中文跟英文思维不同的一个地方。越来越觉得Dorota可爱了,不知道大家有没有跟我一样的想法。


Editor: If you're afraid of the man'swrath, we won't print your name, but if your reporting's as good as your fiction, I'll assign you another piece.

Dan: Look, I'm--I'm sorry, sir, but he's not an idiot. If I milk him for information, and you print it, he's--he's gonna know It came from me.

wrath: 愤怒

milk him for information: 这个milk用的非常好,像挤牛奶那样套取资料。另外还可以说dig up dirt,但是这里的dirt专门指绯闻或者负面的新闻,而information则比较中性,大家可以根据场合选择使用。


Dan: Well, I'm, uh, I'm newly interested in the construction business. I thought your dad could show me theropes.

the ropes: 秘诀,规则,注意the ropes是固定搭配,必须一起使用。


Cyrus: $18 a flower? That's absurd.

Blair: Yeah, yeah, it, uh, It is a bitsteep.

absurd和steep都表示不合理,贵的离谱的,所以除了expensive, 我们也可以多用用这两个单词。另外补充一点,cheap一般指价格便宜且质量很差的东西,真的“价廉物美”叫做it’s a bargain或者it’s a good deal.


And that way, your mother and I will be out of your hair for the party.

out of your hair: stop annoying or bothering you.


Serena: I think you were right. The wholemusething kindabackfired.

Blair: Well, I would say I told you so, but since I'm now 18, I'll refrain.

muse: 缪斯女神,或者说灵感女神。任何激发你灵感的人或者东西,都可以说是你的muse.

backfired: 事与愿违,这种表达也是属于非native speaker比较少会想到要去用的地道词汇,大家可以重点注意一下。

refrain: 我会克制我自己的。


Cyrus: I sent my driver to dinner because I thought I'd be at the party ringing in your birthday.

Blair: You threw in the towel rather easily. I expected a harder fight.

throw in the towel: To quit in defeat. The phrase comes from boxing, in which a fighter indicates surrender by throwing a towel into the ring.


Blair: Fine. You're agenius. You better be good to my mother, or I'll be coming for you.

这里B对Cyrus说“你最好对我妈妈好一点,否则我会找你算帐的”,这个算帐,就是I'll be coming for you. 粗鲁一点的版本是I'll hunt you down and kick your ass. (清楚的记得老友记里,Monica跟Chandler结婚前夕,Ross作为哥哥,很严肃的对Chandler说了这样一段话“无论追到天涯海角,我都会来找你算帐的”)


Serena: Well, I can't believe Aaron is Cyrus' son.

Blair: Of course, you get the prince, and I get stuck with thetoad.

toad: 癞蛤蟆,这里她们的对话其实是用了“青蛙王子”里的比喻。想到前面S第一次看到Aaron的爸爸,她有点惊讶(因为父子两人真的是一个是青蛙,一个是王子),而Aaron爸爸还很幽默的说You didn't catch the family resemblance?(你难道没看出我们两个长的很像吗)。