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编辑点评: 《绯闻女孩》(英语:Gossip Girl)是由Cecily von Ziegesar所写的系列小说改编的美国青春偶像剧,于2007年CW电视台正式开播第一季,全剧共六季,于2012年12月18日正式播毕。 该剧所讲述的是曼哈顿的上流社会阶层,展示富家子弟的生活。而其中的Gossip Girl是曼哈顿上东区最神秘的人物,她是了解上流贵族巨细无遗的生活的唯一来源,且拥有一众随时随地为她提供八卦的公子哥千金女。 还记得那句XOXO,Gossip girl 吗~

Season 2, Episode 13: O Brother, Where Bart Thou?






Cece: Come. Eat. You need your strength.

Serena: I'm not hungry.

Eric: I'm saving room for later.

Cece: In times of great uncertainty, it's even more important that we continue our dailyrituals.

Serena: You haven't eaten a Cheerio since you've been here.

I'm saving room for later: 我留着肚子吃后面的东西呢

Cheerio: 一种早餐吃的谷物的品牌


Tyler: Mycondolences.

Chuck: Skip thesympathy. This is business. My father met with you right before he died. I want to know what you told him that night.

Tyler: I worked for Mr. Bass, not you, and what I have--you're not the only party interested.

Chuck: I'm about to become very rich.

Tyler: Yeah,congrats.

My condolences: 深表哀悼。话说昨天下午开会中,突然接到好友电话,告知追求失败的噩耗,我当时脱口而出这句my condolences.

Skip the sympathy: 收起你的同情心吧

congrats: congratulations的缩写


Jenny: How you holding up?

Eric: Holding.

How you holding up:你还好吧,还撑的住吧。当别人处在困境或悲痛中,就可以用这句话来问候对方。注意Eric的回答holding, 就表示“还好,正熬着,正扛着呢”。


Nate: We should have just driven him to the door and dropped him off on the steps.

Blair: No one should see him like this. He needs to walk it off

walk off: 用走路来消除(痛苦等),这里是说用走路来醒酒,让自己清醒


Lily: Thank you, Dan, for being here for Serena and for our whole family.

Dan: Of course. I can't imagine it any other way.

Lily: You are a true gentleman. Your father raised you kids right.

Dan: Thank you.

Cece: Dear, they want to know about thewreaths, whether we should...

Your father raised you kids right:你爸爸真是教子有方

wreath: 花圈


Chuck: What the hell are you doing here?!

Dan: Excuse me?

Blair: He's just upset andloaded. What are you doing at my father's funeral?

loaded: 简单的说,就是喝醉了,详细说明如下:the act of excessive consumption of alcoholic beverage which fuels the primitive barbaric wild side of any human being. Usually loaded people result in the following - stumbling around, say stupid things, and likes to go streaking(裸奔), do animal calls(疯狂打电话), and chase the opposite sex.

关于喝醉,还有如下说法:drunk, tanked, wasted, inebriated, hammered, intoxicated, 最后两个程度最深,表示醉的已经很厉害了。


Rufus: You're back soon. I wouldn't have thought Bart Bass would be one to have a short funeral.

Dan: Chuck threw me out before it even started 'cause according to him, uh, my father "killed" his father.

Rufus: What? Why would he say that?

Dan: Well, I don't know, Dad. I mean, do you have any wild guesses, any thoughts?

throw me out: 把我轰出来了,语气弱一点可以用kick me out(把我赶出来了)

wild guess: 胡乱猜想。别人问你“真的吗,真的是这样?”你回答“我瞎猜的,随便乱说的”,英文就是It’s a wild guess.


Dan: Did you, uh, did you think of going today?

Rufus: To the funeral? Nah.

Dan: Why not? I mean, you're one of Lily's oldest friends.

Rufus: No, I know. It's just better this way.

It's just better this way: 这样就可以了,就这样吧。


Nate: You're really sweet with him.

Blair: Me? Sweet? No.

Nate: No, you are. I mean, worrying about him, offering him food. It's downright maternal.

Blair: I'm not maternal. I've just been spending too much time with Cyrus, and I'm turning Jewish.

It's downright maternal: downright相当于absolutely, maternal表示母性的意思。这里Nate说Blair“母性大爆发”,有时候中文里我们也会说“母爱泛滥”,这里的母爱英文对应的单词就是maternal. 大家可以注意一下后面Blair的回答,我觉得蛮有趣的,调侃了Cyrus一下。


Cece: Excuse me, may I please steal my daughter for a moment?

Lily: Mother, if you want to talk, now is not the time.

Cece: What does chuck know?

Lily: Did you not hear what I just said? He knows something about you and Rufus. You should find out what.

Lily: Mother, I just came from burying my husband. I do not have the time, inclination or frankly, the mental capacity to go head-to-head with chuck.

steal: 这个单词在聚会场景里经常听到,如果你要把某人从正在谈话的人群里拉出来,就可以用这个句型。类似的还有Can you guys excuse us for a moment? / May I borrow her? / Can I have a word with you?(这句话通常是对方单独一个人的时候使用)

now is not the (good) time: 现在不是好时机(通常潜台词是“我现在心情不好,不要打扰我”)

have the inclination to: 兴致,倾向

go head-to-head with: 正面冲突


Eric: I just lost my stepfather. I don't want to lose my brother, too.

Chuck: When are you going to get it? We are not related.

We are not related: 我们没有血缘关系


Cece: Andrew Tyler was just here.

Lily: Bart's P.I.? Don't tell me he was here to pay his respects.

Cece: No, he wanted me to pay him. He knows about the hospital in France.

P.I.: Private Investigator, 私家侦探

pay his respect: 这里是哀悼死者的意思,通常也说pay last respect to someone. 这里的私家侦探掌握了Lily的秘密,所以借此要勒索他们,所以后面Cece说的pay是付钱的意思,这里用了pay的两个用法,大家可以注意一下。


Lily: You have to stop him.

Cece: Do I? I'm not sure.

Lily: You can't be serious. Well, after all this time, now you decide that the right thing to do is to tell the truth?

Cece: The truth is out. That changes everything, doesn't it?

Lily: No, it doesn't have to.

Cece: There could be no better time for a cleanslate.

Lily: There could be no worse time, mother. This is the last thing I want to come out. Pay him.

The truth is out: 这里的“泄漏”用out就可以搞定了,很简洁的说法。后面出现的come out,表示真相大白,用人做主语的话,就表示坦白的意思。此外,come out还有一个特殊含义表示“出柜”,就是某人坦白自己是gay的身份的话,英文就是he came out.

clean slate: an opportunity to start over withoutprejudice


Cece: What are you going to do about the fact that you're in love with Rufus Humphrey?

Lily: Well, I'm not sure I'm gonna do anything, At least not right away.

Cece: So you are in love with him? I was fishing.

Lily: Oh. Well, you caught me. Considering thecircumstances, I have tried with all of my strength to fight it. It is a curse I do not wish on my worst enemy. But I love Rufus.

Serena: So that's why chuck was so upset.

Lily: Serena. Let me explain

Serena: Don't bother. You love Rufus. You always have.

I was fishing: 我诈你的。fish做动词,表示to catch or try to catch fish, 引申含义就是To seek something in a sly or indirect way.

You caught me: 被你看穿了。

You always have: 那句经典的”I love you. Always have, always will.” 很多台词里都引用过。


Serena: Hey, you're gonna be fighting me for that neck pillow when your chin is on your chest and there'sdroolall over your shirt.

Aaron: How did you know that I drool?

drool: 可作名词也可作动词,流口水的意思。中文里当你馋涎某件东西的时候,我们会说“看着都流口水了”,英文里就是drool over something. 口水还可以说saliva和water, 不过saliva是医学用语,相当于“唾液”。英文中说something is mouth-watering, 意思就是让人垂涎三尺的意思。


流鼻涕是I have a running nose. 或者动词snivel. 名词的鼻涕叫做nasalmucus, nasal是鼻子的,mucus则是黏液。snot也表示鼻涕,但是就是有点粗鲁,你说“你的鼻涕流下来了”,英文就是your snot is dripping down.

挖鼻子叫做pick nose, 鼻屎就是booger. 挖耳朵既可以说pick ear, 也可以用scratch your ear, 耳屎呢就是earwax. 挖耳朵的东西叫做earpick, 不过老外通常用棉花棒,那个叫做cotton swab或者Q-tip, 后者是一个著名的牌子。如果你要跟老外说挖耳朵的东西,建议你说后面那两个。

打喷嚏叫做sneeze, 擤鼻涕叫做blow your nose或者wipe your nose.



More towers than Trump, more bucks than Bloomberg, Bart bass definitely made his mark on Manhattan

美国的两个大富翁,Trump就是Donald Trump了,做房地产起家,所以这边说Bart拥有的大楼比Trump还要多。看过或者听说过真人秀Apprentice的人,应该都会知道Trump,在节目里他就是Boss,而那些候选人就是他下属公司未来可能的领导人。至于另外一位Michael Rubens Bloomberg则是美国传媒界的大亨,同时也是现任的纽约市市长。


Lily: Charles, please. You need to be with your family.

Chuck: My family? I don't have a family.

Gossip Girl: If the lord is ourshepherd, it looks like one of his lambs has lost his way, or maybe make that a black sheep.

Gossip Girl这段话里提到的shepherd, lamb, black sheep都和圣经有关,引经据典,可以写上一大堆,但这里尽量说的简单一点,主要资料来源于http://hi.baidu.com/lxfinter/blog/item/0e91479b81081fb2c9eaf484.html

首先,在希伯来(古代以色列)民族中,人民的生活主要依靠畜牧业。因此,羊是《圣经》中地位最为重要的一种动物。说到绵羊,我们总能联想起那种温顺的形象,而山羊看上去就没那么好惹,所以在新约里,山羊goat代表不听话的人,绵羊sheep代表软弱听话的人。black sheep则是害群之马的意思。

但是在旧约里,goat是祭祀用品。祭祀时候用两只羊,一只献给耶和华,另一只则放生,在旷野中任其自生自灭,带走人们的罪。所以英文有个单词scapegoat(替罪羊), scape就是escape的变体,表示逃走的羊,指的就是被放生的那只羊。因为它带走了人们的罪,于是它就是“替罪羊”。当然,goat本身也可以表示“替罪羊”的意思。

旧约中,摩西因为要带领以色列人离开埃及而受到法老的百般阻碍。上帝因此发怒,要杀死所有在埃及出生的男婴。以色列人杀了一只lamb,把血涂在门楣上,以便让上帝区别对待,因而得以幸免。这一天后来就成为逾越节(Passover)。lamb后来经常被用来表示耶稣,因为他像逾越节的羔羊一样心甘情愿地为拯救人类被杀害。因此“like a lamb”,“as meek as a lamb”,“like a lamb to the slaughter”这些成语都表达逆来顺受、任人宰割的意思。

如果你跟我一样,看到这里,联想起The Silence of the Lambs(沉默的羔羊)这部电影,然后疑惑为什么要起这样名字,那么你可以看一下这个链接http://fifid.com/subject/1805133/ (中间部分,有一段讲“为什么是羔羊”),可能会对你有帮助。


Eleanor: I was thinking something in a jacket, very Y.S.L.

Jenny: Okay, Mick and Bianca, 1971. Great reference.

已故时装大师Yves Saint Laurent和他的品牌YSL,相信大家都不陌生了。他把pantsuit(配长裤的套装)改良成Le Smoking, 中文叫做“吸烟装”,那种长长的西服,配窄腿裤。他N年前就推出过了,也不知道是为了哀悼他的去世,还是因为时尚界的复古风,今年又重新流行了吸烟装,不单单是那些一线品牌,连普通商场都随处可见类似的衣服。

而Mick Jagger是the rolling stone的主唱,Bianca是他妻子,他俩结婚时穿的都是YSL的衣服,Bianca当时是真空上阵,穿着YSL的白色西装,一反传统,震惊四座。



*娇蛮Queen B的真正含义

热播《绯闻女孩》中有个“辣手”的角色Blair Cornelia Waldorf,在她们的那个圈子里呼风唤雨,兴风作浪,好不威风,俨然女王的架势,因而她也有一个广为流传的绰号叫做Queen B。

也许有人会误认为Queen B中的B特指Blair这个角色,但却并非如此。你知道Queen B这个词的真正含义嘛?

Queen B一词来自Queen Bee,就是指蜂巢中的女王蜂,也叫“母蜂”、“蜂后”。是蜜蜂群体中唯一能正常产卵的雌性蜂。

由“女王蜂”引申到人际关系中,便产生了新的意思,Queen Bee在日常口语中就表示“处于权力地位的女性”,并简写成Queen B,尤其指称那些高中、大学里一批女生的头头。

Queen B不一定是一群女生中最漂亮的,但她信心满满,自我感觉极端良好,也觉得别人都膜拜她。她对于一切重要的流言蜚语都了若指掌,周围的人都会效仿她的梳妆打扮。她交最帅的男朋友,参加所有的派对。周围人在背地里都对她指指戳戳恨之入骨,可暗地里又巴不得成为她的好朋友。